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Our goal is to make the application process as easy and straightforward as possible. We know that moving can be a hassle and we don’t want to give you any additional grief. Please follow the three simple steps below to apply for one of our properties.
  1. Download & Print the Application - In the gray shaded box to the right you will find our application in two formats. Please click on either of those files to download and print the rental application. If you are applying with a roommate, co-signer, or family member please be sure to fill out one application per person that you need on the lease.
  2. Fax The Application to Us - We know that you are providing highly sensitive information on the rental application. For this reason, the fax # to the right is only checked by members of our processing department, who promptly shred applications after they have been processed. When faxing your application over, please remember to dial a 1 before the 866. Please also remember to sign your application. No cover letters needed.
  3. Pay the $40 Application Fee - In order to expedite the application process we collect our $40 application fee online using PayPal or Google Checkout. We charge an application fee because we incur a charge for each credit report that we run. Clicking on the “Pay Now” button to the right will allow you to safely and securely pay the $40 application fee by using a credit or debit card. Please do not pay by e-check as this transaction takes a few days to clear…and we wait until payments clear before processing applications. Credit and debit card transactions clear instantaneously, allowing us to begin processing your application in a matter of minutes.
After you complete the above steps, kick back and relax…we’ll process your application and get you a response speedily!

Download Application

Adobe .pdf Application
MS Word Application

Fax it to Us

1 866-485-0375

Pay $40 Application Fee