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Virginia Condo Realty LLC assists landlords in finding tenants and managing properties. We take on very few listings and get quality tenants quickly.  If you’re looking to rent out or manage a property in:  Tysons Corner, Mclean, Vienna, Dunn Loring, Falls Church, Fairfax or Reston Town Center…contact us by using the form to the right.

Reviews of Our Services  /  Areas we Serve  /  Property Management  /  Tenant Acquisition

(Agent names have been replaced with [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] in the reviews below.)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] is the most knowledgeable condo realtor I have ever worked with. Because he focuses solely on condos, his knowledge of the Northern Virginia condominium market is vast and extensive. I was worried about renting out my condo because I was up against three other similar properties in the same building. [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was able to rent my condo out in LESS THEN A WEEK (Unbelievable results). I would highly recommend him for your next condo purchase, sale or rental.” - Christopher Warin, Landlord / Idylwood Towers (Falls Church)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was pleasant and very detail-oriented. He was also very responsive in keeping us updated on the rental situation.” - Brian Bochicchio, Landlord / Fountains at Mclean (Tysons Corner)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] provided fantastic support in finding a tenant for my rental unit. He was very flexible with the terms of the agreement and helped get a signed lease in one week. I would recommend [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] and will use him again for similar needs in the future.”  - Mike Stoner, Landlord / Westbriar Plaza (Dunn Loring)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was fantastic! We needed a tenant for a high-rent condo ASAP. [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] analyzed the market, screened potential tenants and was faultlessly timely and responsive on every occasion. He found the perfect tenants--we couldn't be happier!” - Stacy Lechtman, Landlord / Renaissance 2230 (Falls Church)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] is great to work with. He is very professional, thorough, cares about his clients and is committed to providing the highest level of service. He has a high level of integrity, is honest, hardworking and strives to provide the best outcome for his client. He follows up, even after the work has been concluded. I highly recommend [NVAcondos Realtor] as a realtor.” - Maimah Karmo, Landlord / Stratford (Reston Town Center)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] is very responsible and friendly. He is always concerned for the client and gets great results in a short period of time. He stays involved and makes sure he delivers value to the client.” - Eduardo Rodriguez, Landlord / Market Street (Retson Town Center)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] is a reliable, most diligent professional with the highest form of work ethics. Thanks for all the help [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor].” - Michael Steele, Landlord / Hunters Crossing (Reston)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] did an excellent job finding a tenant for my condo. He was very knowledgeable about the market, very professional and achieved the result I wanted in a short time. I would definitely recommend [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] to anyone seeking a real estate agent.” - Ursula Guerrieri, Landlord / Wilton House (Dunn Loring)

“It was a pleasure working with [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] as he is very diligent and knowledgeable, as well as personable. I highly recommend him for real estate services!!” - Jason Lebar, Landlord / Summer Ridge (Reston Town Center)

 “[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] is a dedicated, motivated and very personable professional with many great attributes. I strongly recommend him for Real Estate Services.” - Vijay Raj, Landlord / The Halstead & Wilton House (Dunn Loring)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was very helpful to me in getting a renter for my condo in the northern virginia area. I would recommend him.” - Kia Lowe, Landlord / Oak Park (Reston Town Center)

“Living in a different state, I heavily depended on [NVAcondos Realtor]'s experience and property selections for help in assisting me with relocating to DC area. [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was punctual and honest throughout the whole process. His compassion and ability to quickly understand what I need served to help my husband and I find a condo that fit our needs completely. I am forever grateful for [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor]'s help and guidance with the process. His knowledge and experience in real estate served exceptionally well for us. He always goes above and beyond and I am fortunate and extremely grateful to have found him! When we are ready to buy something, I know [NVAcondos Realtor] is the one I will want by my side representing me!”  - Honaida Najjar, Tenant / Idylwood Towers (Falls Church)

 “Simply put, I would hire him again in a heartbeat and recommend him even faster...” Yonas Tesfai, Tenant / Renaissance 2230 (Falls Church)

 “[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was enormously responsive, professional and friendly. The moment we had a question, he had an answer, and he brokered a wonderful deal for us. If we have similar needs in the future, we would definitely seek his support again, as well as recommend him to friends.” - Karl Wirsing, Tenant / The Pavilion (Falls Church)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was amazing. With his help, we saw a great condo on Wednesday, signed the lease Thursday, and had keys by Friday. He worked tirelessly (literally) to have everything done in a thorough and prompt manner with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism. I would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to buy or rent a condo in Northern Virginia.”  - Jill Zabel, Tenant / Westbriar Plaza (Dunn Loring)

“I am currently renting a condo from one of [NVAcondos Realtor]'s clients who lives out of town, so during the rental process I dealt almost exclusively with [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor]. [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] made the whole process easy and convenient. He was very accommodating of my schedule. I would gladly recommend [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] and NVACondos to anyone searching for a place to rent.” - Erin Dexter, Tenant / Fountains at Mclean (Tysons Corner)

“I would recommend [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] at NVAcondo's Realty to anyone looking for new property. [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] is very professional and efficient and goes the extra mile to make the home-hunting process very simple for potential buyers. His turn-around time could not have been any faster; within three days of initially contacting him, we were approved for the condo we had applied for. We absolutely adore our new home, the best part being the affordable price!” - Sarah Hastings, Tenant / The Halstead (Dunn Loring)

“I met [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] as a agent for a rental condo in Mclean. He was very helpful in managing the logistics around the lease and making sure I understood what the details of the lease were. He is knowledgably and did share his knowledge that helped me make an informed decision.” - Vainateya Deshpande, Tenant / Gates of Mclean (Tysons Corner)

 “[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was easily the best real estate agent I have ever worked with at any level. He is prompt, courteous and always willing to help. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a real estate agent.” - Trent Willis, Tenant / Market Street (Reston Town Center)

“Was a pleasure to work with and look forward to future dealings.” - Rami Essaid, Tenant / ParcReston (Reston Town Center)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was the GO TO GUY- Bottom Line... His availability and attention to detail expedited the renting process from fast, to a snap of the fingers. He is very knowledgeable to the process and business in general. If someone were looking for a realtor to GET IT DONE, I would definitely send them to [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor].” - Justin Solobay, Tenant / The Savoy (Reston Town Center)

 “[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was an invaluable resource to me when I was searching for my first post-college apartment to rent last summer. I had been searching for a month nonstop at that point and still had no apartment to show for it. I had answered an ad placed by [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] for a property and even after that fell through for one reason or another, [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] continued to work with me tirelessly for another month until I found a wonderful apartment at a great price. [NVAcondos Realtor] always worked on my behalf; he returned my emails and calls promptly and always worked extra hard to find me a great place. I would recommend [NVAcondos Realtor]’s services to anyone looking to rent or buy a place in the Northern VA area. He is not only a very knowledgeable and hardworking real estate agent, he is also an honest and likable individual.” - Sonal Sampat, Tenant / The Colonies (Tysons Corner)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He worked towards resolving my real estate needs quickly and efficiently.” - Rujuta Waknis, Tenant / Summer Ridge (Reston Town Center)

“[Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] assisted me in finding an apartment in the NOVA area very quickly. Once I had decided on the rental property the ease of completing the transaction was wonderful. I trusted his opinion through the process and did not feel rushed or pressured into making a decision. I would recommend [Virginia Condo Realty LLC Realtor] to anyone who is looking for a property to rent or buy.” - Traci Tompkins, Tenant / Fountains at Mclean (Tysons Corner)

 “[NVAcondos Realtor] is a very good real estate agent. He not only helped me find a house close to where I work but also helped me negotiate the lease on my own terms. He is very good.” - Vamsi Pulavarthi, Tenant / Fountains at Mclean (Tysons Corner)
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